Two weeks to work virtually on

every continent in the world.

The Creative Rally has now finished and we'd like to
thank everyone who supported us on the journey!


What is the Creative Rally?

A creative team in a virtual van, racing to work (remotely) on every continent in under two weeks. Starting on August 6th.

That's Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia,  Zealandia, Antarctica
(yes, Antarctica), South America, North America and, most importantly, wherever you are. 

Got a boring brief you want taken care of? Done. Need a bit  of idea generation? They love it. Want to sell a smelly sock? They can do that too. They’ll tackle anything, for 24 hours, for free. They just want to work for you.


Where did you go?

1) Europe

  • GREY London

2) Africa 

  • Advantage Y&R Namibia

3) Asia

  • Saatchi&Saatchi Japan

4) Australia

  • Havas Melbourne

5) Zealandia

  • Colenso BBDO

6) Antarctica

  • Penguin Watch

7) South America

  • TBWA/Lew Lara

8) North America

  • GREY New York

  • Mighty Jungle

Who's behind the wheel?

Elisa Czerwenka


Ellie Daghlian


Elisa is an Austrian art director originally trained in design.

Ellie is a British copywriter who used to write sales letters

peddling investment advice.


They met at School of Communication Arts 2.0
where they got better at selling stuff and working
through the night.

Check out their work at

Behold the van.

A fine-tuned engineering miracle. Top speed a thousand miles a minute. Drives anywhere on earth, or off it. The bottom of the ocean. The ISS. Where clients go, she follows.

Set a brief and get your own,
custom bumper sticker.


Why are you doing this?
We can’t afford a real van.


Where can I see your work?

How do I book you?

Bookings are now closed, but stay tuned for what we're up to next on our twitter.

I don’t have a brief,
can I book you for a chat?

Off-brief, but we don't bite.

How can I support you?
Book us. Tweet about us.
We do this for free. If you really love our work, you can
support us with a coffee.

What about time zones?
Time is an illusion. Sleep is a myth.

I want to meet you in person. Will you drive across the world to work for me?

We won't shake hands, but we
will leave our homes and families. 

How’s your parallel parking?

How's your 2020?

How will you cross the ocean?

Follow to find out.


Who's the better driver?

Elisa learnt to drive aged 5 in the Austrian mountains. Civilization was so far away there was no other choice. Ellie loves driving tests so much she took hers four times. You choose.

Can I book you for a proper placement?

Omg yes please.

Why is this FAQ so long?
Why is there no vaccine yet.